Big things have small beginnings.

I’m at this point where I don’t need to necessarily start from scratch in order to do something with my life, but I definitely need to absorb some new knowledge after bouncing between multiple cities. I think everything I have ever wanted to do in this life is because other people have inspired me. There is this frequent moment where the faces I admire start flashing through my head, everyone I sincerely care for, and it just reminds me that I can’t settle. People have put such tremendous effort into me and I can’t let them down after all of their work. I am too thankful for all of these faces to not do something I can put my entire heart into. I think about all the faces I have ever loved and it makes me want to do something bigger.



It’s become easier to care about more things these last couple of years. I have explained to people that I am trying to have a more minimal lifestyle because I don’t need much anymore. There was just too much shit in my life that was unnecessary – I started to get rid of nearly everything I own because I didn’t want to be attached to meaningless things. I donated at least 80% of my clothes, threw out all old textbooks, burned almost everything from high school (you know I need the dramatic effect), switched to reusable things, and started consuming less in general. This change made me feel a lot better at the end of the day because everything became easier with less.

Not that I can’t handle more, but this is just in regards to my personal life. I want less in my personal life so I can handle more outside of my own physical and mental space. I just appreciate the dynamic a lot more than I did in the reverse fashion. Mostly because I noticed that a lot of my happiness comes from helping other people in anyway that I can. Minimalism helps me focus on people and things I love so much more than before. Ultimately, it has contributed a large amount to my overall happiness. I think it’s important to run with something that makes you happy, as long as it isn’t at the expensive of others, as soon as you find it.

Having less means appreciating more in this life.

I talked with my little from dance about this. We have both been on a similar journey where we have had so many unexpected experiences that we would have never dreamed of when we were younger. I’m proud of how far she has come, the things she has discovered, and her receptiveness to be a better person while she pursues what she loves. She makes me want to strive for more when I listen to her talk about her accomplishments. I absolutely believe in her ability to become who she wants to be and is on the best track to get there right now. It’s exciting to have her in my life to see her exceed her goals, and humbling to see her endure through struggles. When people in my life share their adversity with me, it is when I admire them the most because I never have any idea what is happening behind all of the success unless they tell me. Trust me, there are a lot of struggles that we all have to face to get to where we want to be. 


We are going to be hurt so much in this life. Learn from the pain and fall in love with the idea that it will happen again.

She’s not the only one who pushes me. There are so many people who do that I am lucky to have by my side as restless supporters. All people who I have time to show appreciation for, and I am convinced that it’s because I have room for that after getting rid of needless stuff. I like this lifestyle of minimalism and it’s definitely going to be around for a long time. I don’t really see it ever changing, which I find comfort in.

As for this big thing that I have mentioned a few times, I do want to just talk about how special it is without revealing it just yet. I’m honestly not sure if it’s even remotely possible at the moment, but I believe it’s up to me to make it possible because it’s definitely attainable. The special thing about it is that it intersects all of the knowledge I have retained as well as talents that I have grown to embrace. It is a meeting point where I get to travel, practice language, learn more culture, research, work with others, write, and document it using photography. It sounds too good to be true, but I want to explore it while I can. Otherwise, I don’t know what else I would want to pursue at the moment. 

Time to learn as much as I can and open my heart to something new. It feels right.